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Placenta Encapsulation $150

  • Placenta Encapsulation is great for helping increased milk supply, boosts energy, increases mood, increases natural oxytocin for maternal bonding, increases iron supply May assist with pain relief and healing scars/perineal tears.

Placenta, Art, Placenta Encapsulation, Placenta Pills, diaper rash, postpartum depression, herbal

Placenta Canvas $20

  • Placenta prints are a great way to remember the home of your sweet baby. This can be an add-on to encapsulation or can be just for having the memories! 


Placenta Salve $15

  • Salves are great for many skin issues such as: eczema, diaper rash, cesarean section scars, perineal tears, etc. Included in price is one 2 oz container. 


Cord Keepsake

  • As a gift, I provide a FREE cord keepsake with every placenta encapsulation. 

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